About Us

About Us

AES American Educational Services

Is a leading institution in the field of education development in the Middle East and North Africa with head quarter based in Egypt. AES is a regional representative of American universities, institutes, schools, and professional associations. AES provide educational solutions that enable MENA students to apply and register for American academic and professional certification programs to obtain the best education in their countries and graduate from USA.

AES is offering international professional training that leads to obtain recognized international designations through its international Affiliates in USA and Canada. AES is approved testing center for different American recognized certifications.

• To provide students with relevant and comprehensive career-focused curricula consistent with the most updated research and information in the given field.

• To ensure that those enrolled in each program acquire the knowledge, tools and skills necessary to fulfill personal and professional goals; that they are fully equipped to be competitive, productive members of the workforce; that they are thus empowered to launch, enhance or alter careers and to contribute significantly to the organizations, communities and society of which they are a part.

• To uphold the highest distance learning standards by providing state-of-the-art technological resources and support, an array of supplementary learning materials and regular access to highly-qualified subject specialists who will guide and sustain them through their studies.

AEG aims to be the choice number one for both American Educational Institutions whose are looking to recruit new international applicants and also number one for Middle East students and professional trainee who are willing to register or get trained in American Universities, schools, institutes, professional associations.

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